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Food grade PVC Cling Film, PVC Stretch Film for Food Wrap

Cling Film Food Wrap, Moisture Proof Wrap, Protective Food Wrapping, Keeps Food Fresh, Locks in freshness, Useful for all kinds of food, fruits, vegetables, PVC Stretch Film Food Wrap, Microwave Friendly food wrap, Food packaging, Multi-purpose packaging, Moisture & Dust proof Wrap Food packaging.

Salient Features * Non-toxic, odor-less, applicable for all kind of food wrap
* Safe for food wrapping, harmless & transparent
* Moisture proof, Anti-Fog
* Microwave safe
* Protective & Preserving qualities
* Cold-resistant and stays soft even under freezing/refrigeration
* Flexible, strong & Tear resistant
* Excellent Stretch ability
* Glossy & Clear
* Suitable for both hand and machine wrapping
* Cost effective

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