Spider Veins

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Symptoms of Spider Veins

The most common symptom is visible weblike appearance of red or blue vessels on the skin.

Why Should You Get Your Spider Veins Treated:

The main reason behind treating spiders and thread veins is cosmetic; the only thing that you should keep in mind is that they might be a manifestation of vein reflux (valve failure) in the big veins of the skin.

Stockings and medications are not accepted as treatments for spiders and thread veins . . . They simply do not affect these veins, nor does any other medication.

Treatment by local skin methods is the most effective. Those methods include needle delivered local radio frequency, microsclerotherapy, and ultrasound guided sclerotherapy.

Treatment of Spider Veins

Spider vein treatment is customarily performed by one of several methods including skin lasers and skin radio frequency technologies. Using the latest VeinWave machine in treating spider veins is satisfying for patient and physician. Amount of pain and recurrence is better when compared to reports from people who underwent Laser skin treatment.

MicroSclero Therapy using foamed or nonfoamed solution of vein closing (sclerosing) substance such as Polidocanol.

Treatment and discomfort varies based on the extent of the case.

A word of caution.. Before you decide on treatment of your leg or thigh spider veins, we advise you strongly to undergo an evaluation by Ultrasound to make sure that you do not have reflux in your major skin veins i.e. the Great Saphenous or Short Saphenous. When such a condition is present, recurrence is the rule unless the reflux is controlled prior, or shortly, after the spider vein treatment.

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