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Emirtech is the No.1 CCTV Surveillance installer and maintenance service provider of digital CCTV camera and recording surveillance systems. We install, maintain and perennially look after industrial, commercial and domestic CCTV installations on sites across the Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Our authorized specialists have installed CCTV for private homes, business spaces and government offices. Would you like to ensure your family and your property? What's more, keep on a check who and what goes all through your place of living arrangement with a Wi-Fi-empowered system of reconnaissance cameras. We will take the time to answer each of your questions for you in a way you will be able to understand and gives the most moderate answers for your home security needs. Ensure your place with top-notch surveillance cameras that records HD quality video as well as is intended to mix consistently into your commercial space’s existing decor. We provide high-quality installations and service of security surveillance, alarms and access control. From the smallest installations to the largest, most complex integrations, you can be sure that you will get the best gear and the individual consideration you merit.

We will suggest a plan with the gear that will best address your issues. Our security review will include the right placement of CCTV cameras and we will guarantee that the security camera system will meet the specifications required to meet your desires. We will provide you with a no-commitment gauge estimate that will include the expense of running all the low voltage power, video cables, recording device, installation of all the security cameras, the configuration of the network and DVR including optimal motion detection settings and notification, and notice, lastly preparing of the whole system including remote access by computers and advanced mobile phones. Our security dealers accept that the customer comes first, and in the current financial atmosphere, that means that you should be able to feel secure without going broke. So, call us and let us show you how surprisingly affordable it can be to get the peace of mind you deserve.

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